woodThe mission of the EarthLodge Movement is to bring our tribal membership together to revive the lost art of Mudlodge building from our historical records and knowledge of our elders and Arikara builders; to bring back aspects of our culture that we neglected; and to teach and practice traditional values, instill beliefs, provide knowledge, and demonstrate traditional skills.building

hm lodge

The EarthLodge Movement is the thought that we can honor tribal heritage and culture by creating a new mudlodge structure for the people. The earthlodge was our ancestors’ homes. Multi-generations from elders to infants lived in one lodge. Building an earthlodge and using it is an opportunity to carry on some of our teachings. In the space created within the mudlodge there would be opportunities to practice our best behavior and etiquette, hear stories by the central fire and fellowship with one another. The builders would learn to build the lodge with prayers and sing our tribal songs … building the bond of unity. The Earthlodge is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Building the mudlodge will enable our people to pray with the spirits who are around. Youth who are involved with the building will learn key native construction skills and much more.

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